Media & Events

Matt has presented, consulted and contributed for TV and Radio (A History of Ideas, Horizon, Material World, Making History, Ice Age Giants, Apeman, Digging for Britain, Tribes of Science) having worked with the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and other independent producers.

Upcoming Talks and Events


18 Feb. Brighton. Archaeology & Human Evolution. The Acheulean. Dayschool

01 Mar. Brighton. Archaeology & Human Evolution. Neanderthals & Moderns Dayschool

10 Mar. Eastbourne. The Prehistoric Archaeology of Jersey. Details

22 Apr. Chichester. Geology for Archaeologists. Details

26 Apr. Brighton. Hollingbury Hillfort Walk

11 Nov. Dorking. Surrey Stone Tool Archives Event.

22 Nov. Chichester. Neanderthals of the English Channel Region.

06 Dec. Eastbourne. From Sussex to Jersey: Neanderthals of the English Channel



Past Events

09 Sep 2014.  Jersey. Hidden Treasures Festival. Ice Age Island Tour. Details.

12 Sep 2014.  Brighton. New Bricks and Old Bones in Portslade. Heritage Open Day Event. Details

18 Sep 2014.  Eastbourne. Surviving the next Ice Age in Europe. Details.

19 Sep 2014.  Worthing. Ice Age Geology in the South East of Britain. Worthing Geological Society. Details Here

20 Oct 2014. London. Pleistocene Archaeology of the La Manche Region.

25 Oct 2014. Chichester: Fisbourne Roman Palace. How to Survive the Ice Age in Sussex. Details

5 Nov 2014. Brighton. The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology of South East England. Details

20 Feb 2013.  Hastings.  Neanderthal Archaeology of the Weald. Hastings Archaeological Society.

22 Feb 2013.   LondonIce Age Island.  Ice Age Art: Arrival of the modern mind conference. British Museum,

28 Feb 2013.   Oxford. A New View of La Cotte, Jersey. Oxford University PalQuat seminar.

09 Mar 2013.  Brighton. Mammoths and Molluscs. Brighton Biosphere Walk. Meet Brighton Marina at 3pm.

12 Mar 2013.   Southampton. Piltdown: New Light on dark dealings. Southampton City Archaeological Society. 7pm

13 Mar 2013.   Horsham. Palaeolithic Archaeology in the Wealden Region. Hosham Geological Field Club.

14 Mar 2013.  Brighton. How to Survive the Ice Age. Mantell Society Brighton University. 6pm

20 Mar 2013.  Cardiff. Ice Age Island: Palaeolithic Artchaeology in Jersey. National Museum of Wales Cardiff

21 Mar 2013.   Brighton. Too Late? Climate Change Museum Late Event.

25 Apr 2013.   Alfriston. How to Survive the Ice Age.  Alfriston Historical Society.  7pm

5 Jun 2013.     Cheltenham: Times Cheltenham Science FestivalIce Age, with Prof Alice Roberts and Dr  Helen Czerski

8tJun 2013.  London. World Archaeology Festival. Hands on archaeology including Meat the Ancestors.

12 Jun 2013.   Southampton. Ice Age Geology and Archaeology In Southern Britain.  Solent Geological Soc. NOC.

13 Jun 2013.    Dorking. On the trail of Early Humans in the Weald. Mole Valley Geological Society.

6 July 2013.    St Helier.  Ice Age Jersey.   St Helier, Jersey.

13 July 2013.  La Cotte de Sta Brelade site tour. CBA festival of Archaeology.

14 Sep 2013.   Chichester. Neanderthals and Mammoths in Sussex. Fishbourne Roman Palace. 2pm

01 Jan 2014. Worthing . Notes from an Ice Age Island: New Research in Prehistoric Jersey. 7.30pm

5 Feb 2014. Upper Beeding. Notes from an Ice Age Island: New Research in Prehistoric Jersey. Upper Beeding History Society. Village Hall 6.30pm

20 Feb 2014. Brighton.  How Did We End Up Being The Only Human Species On The Planet? 

26 Feb 2014/ YorkNotes from an Ice Age Island: New Research in Prehistoric Jersey.

12 Feb 2014. Chichester. Ice Age Hunters in Sussex. The Novium, Chichester

28 Mar 2014. Natural History Museum London. Neanderthals and Us.

14 Apr 2014. Brighton. Ice Age Geology Day School.

28 May 2014. Natural History Museum London. Britain One Millions Year. Public Day Conference.

08 Jun 2014. London. Meat The Ancestors. Institute of Archaeology: World Archaeology Festival.

18 Jul 2014. Jersey. CBA Festival of Archaeology. Tour of La Cotte.

18 Jul 2014. Jersey. Ice Age Island Open Day.

23 Aug 2014. Brighton: Whitehawk Open Day.

11 Jun 2016.   London. World Archaeology Festival.  Details

30 Jul 2016.    Jersey. Tour of La Cotte. CBA Festival of Archaeology.



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